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One AMD Place
Sunnyvale, CA 94088
USA - Map
Phone: +1 408 749-4000
Exchange: New York Stock Exchange
Stock: Advanced Micro Devices Inc
Industry: Semiconductors
Employees: 10,671
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. was incorporated under the laws of Delaware on May 1, 1969 and became a publicly held company in 1972. It is a semiconductor company with facilities around the world. In semiconductor industry, it offers: Computing Solutions comprised of x86 microprocessors, as standalone devices or as incorporated as an accelerated processing unit (APU), chipsets, embedded processors and dense servers; and Graphics and Visual Solutions comprised of graphics processing units (GPUs), including professional graphics, semi-custom System-on-Chip (SOC) products, development services and technology for game consoles. It currently designs, develops and sells microprocessor products for servers, desktop PCs and mobile devices, including mobile PCs and tablets. Its microprocessors and chipsets are incorporated into computing platforms that also include GPUs and core software to enable and advance the computing components. Its CPUs and APUs are manufactured mainly using 45-nanometer (nm), 40nm, and 32nm or 28nm process technology. It currently base its microprocessors and chipsets on the x86 instruction set architecture and AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture, which connects an on-chip memory controller and input/output, or I/O, channels directly to one or more microprocessor cores. It’s APUs for desktop PC platforms consist primarily of the AMD A Series APU and the E-Series APU. Its embedded products address customer needs in PC-adjacent markets. Its customers generally use its graphics solutions to increase the speed of rendering images and to improve image resolution and color definition. The Company’s AMD FirePro™ family of professional graphics products consists of 3D and 2D multi-view graphics cards and GPUs that it designed for integration in mobile and desktop workstations, as well as business PCs. The Company designed its AMD FireStream™ series of products to utilize the parallel stream processing power of the GPU for heavy floating-point computations and to meet the requirements of various industries, such as the high-performance computing and the scientific and financial sectors. The Company markets and sell its products under the AMD trademark. Its desktop PC product brands for microprocessors are AMD A-Series, AMD E-Series, AMD FX, AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron. Its notebook and tablet brands for microprocessors are AMD A-Series A, AMD E-Series, AMD C-Series, AMD Z-Series, AMD Phenom, AMD Athlon, AMD Turion and AMD Sempron. Its server brand for microprocessors is AMD Opteron. It sells dense server system products under the SeaMicro brand, including the SM15000 series and Freedom Fabric Storage series for storage systems. It also sells low-power versions of its AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron, as well as AMD Geode, AMD R-Series and G-Series processors as embedded processor solutions. Its product brand in the consumer graphics market is AMD Radeon. Its product brand for professional graphics products is AMD FirePro. It also market and sell its chipsets under the AMD trademark. Its microprocessor customers consist primarily of original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, original design manufacturers, or ODMs, system builders and independent distributors in both domestic and international markets. Customers of its chipset products consist primarily of PC and server OEMs. Its ell its products through its direct sales force and through independent distributors and sales representatives in both domestic and international markets. As of December 28, 2013, the company has approximately 4,650 patents in the United States and approximately 1,700 patent applications pending in the United States. Many aspects of its business operations and products are regulated by domestic and international environmental laws and regulations.

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